LEVELWATCH for Android



How to use Levelwatch software?

How to use Levelwatch software?
Levelwatch software uses external wireless sensors to measure level of liquids in tanks/reservoirs.

How to connect sensor with your smartphone?
Each sensor has its own address, which is written on label on the sensor. Navigate to "Settings" in main menu and write your sensors address into field or select "Find sensor" for automatic scan.


   Auto Bluetooth on - check to allow LevelWatch to enable Bluetooth without prompting you.

   Tank name - for easier use, you can give name to each tank
   Sensor address - address is written on label on sensor [0-1024]
   Find sensor - use for automatic scan of nearby sensors
   Volume unit - you can select between three volume units: liter, hectolitre, cubic meter
   Tank capacity - capacity of tank in selected volume unit
   Tank type - you can select between three basic tank types: rectangular, oval, round

   Min level - minimum level
   Max level - maximum level
   Current level - sensor's current level reading
   Store current level as min/max - current data will be stored as min/max level

   Alarms - switch allows you to enable/disable low and high alarm
   Alarm units
      percentage - from 0 to 100 %
      volume unit - level in volume units (l, hl or m3)
      numeric sensor data - which you can see in "current data" section
   Low alarm - triggered when level is below this setting
   High alarm - triggered when level is above this setting

   Restore defaults - reset all values for selected tank


If there is any kind of reason, you would like to use older version of LevelWatch software for Android devices, you can download it here:

Current version:
   2.3.2 - 1, 2 or 3 tanks display

Previous versions:
   0.9.2 - 1 tank display

  • - Application will increase battery consumption of smart device because of active Bluetooth communication.
  • - In case of simultanous use of wifi/bluetooth functions, data loss from bluetooth sensor is posibble to occur.
  • - Application developers does not accept responsibility for any problems which may arise from applications other than those the product was designed for.
  • - Any liability for direct or indirect damage caused by application failure is excluded.


      In case of any kind of problems with LevelWatch software or critics/improvement ideas, please write to atomski.software@gmail.com